If you don’t take care of this the most magnificent machine wasserfallSm
that you will ever be given…
where are you going to live?

Karyn Calabrese

I have chosen to be happy
because it is good for my health.


I am happy to support you to maintain or to recover your health; energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

You deserve to live in a body, in which you feel good.
Don’t settle for less!

If our body sends us signals, it is helpful to decipher these.
Excess bodyweight can be one of the signals, that is useful to be addressed.

Like a postman, who comes as often as necessary until a (registered) letter is received, so symptoms/conditions show up as long, until we accept and integrate the message. Afterwards there is no reason for the symptom to be around.

I am happy to support you to understand the message of your body´s symptoms and to mobilise your self healing capacities.

I don’t diagnose or promise healing. My coaching does not replace any medical diagnosis or treatment. Seeking medical advice is always beneficial, my work is an addition to any medical treatment.